About Us

Hola! Welcome to our community page.
Sonora is a small but welcoming gaming community.
This is my friend group for the most part, but you are more than welcome to join our Discord server.


The games we play

We mostly play Minecraft and CS:GO.
Minecraft is done on our own server and CS:GO is done on a whim usually.
The Minecraft Server can be found in the Servers tab.


Our servers

Our Discord server is where we communicate to each other and organize events.
You can join by clicking here.
We also have a Minecraft server on


Meet our Administradores

Speedy speedy
horsie horsie
rehtlaw rehtlaw
Tervo Tervo
Xegen Xegen


Community rules

Here are the rules of both our Discord & Minecraft server.

• Discord TOS and their guidelines still apply in the Discord server.
• Treat each other with respect.
• Please don't post any NSFW content unless an admin gives permission to do so.
• Think before you act.
• Don't grief or ask an admin for free stuff etc.